Sunday School

Our goal is to see Christians gathering on Sundays for dynamic worship experience, and then finding their way
into small groups to
develop strong relationships with others and a  growing personal
walk with the Lord Jesus! Sunday School meets
at 10 am.

Spring 2018 Adult Sunday School Classes

The Gospel Project is led by Jonathan Wade and is located in the Sanctuary in the old building.  This quarter’s study is based on the book of Acts.  The Spirit who Empowers and The God who Sends.  It is a 3 year study through the entire Bible, but anyone can jump in at any time.

True U is led by Mel Livernois and is located in Room 4 upstairs in the old building.  True U is a series by Focus on the Family with Stephen Meyer teaches the scientific reasons for your faith.  With 80% of science students losing their faith to scientific materialism, we need to give reasons for our faith even in the face of resistance.   You can contact Mel at 954-224-6373.

The Joy Class is coordinated by Scott Barlowe with Rich Peoples and Jon Stephens as teachers.  It is located in the Fellowship Hall.  They use the quarterly Lifeway Curriculum and will be studying 2 topics.  “Jesus Changes Everything”  will help us encounter Jesus in the gospel of Mark.  “Made for Something More” will give us six traits that identify a person abiding in Jesus.  This class has a covered dish luncheon once a month on the second Tuesdays at noon in the Fellowship Hall.  They invite everyone to come and join them.

The Prayer Room is led by Dolphus Brown and is located room 2 in the old building.   Come and pray for our church, our community, and one another during Sunday School.

The College/Career Class is led by Pastor Jeff Pate and is located in the room 1 in the old building.  This class will study “The Disciplines of Disciple Making and Disciple Living.”   Do you understand the disciplines of discipleship?  Are you focused on your own spiritual growth and on how to effectively reach others in our increasingly non Christian culture?  This class will help us to see how to live the Christian life with Scripture and the Holy Spirit as our ultimate authorities and will encourage us to be the truly knowledgeable, disciplined followers of Christ.

Book of Isaiah is led by Deanna Wright and is located downstairs in the old building. We will find Christ in these amazing chapters and look at past and present day prophecies of the coming of Christ to the Earth and the establishment of His Kingdom.  We will be comparing past countries of the time of Isaiah to the present countries that now exist.

Church Life meets in Pastor Scott’s office in the old building starting February 4  for 4 weeks.   Pastor Scott will share our church history, our church beliefs, and our church life. If you are thinking of joining the church or just want to know more about our church life, this is the class for you.


 “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”  (Acts 2:42)


Children’s Sunday School