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  • #1 Parenting is Heart Work

    Pastor Scott begins a parenting series today.This series is not just for parents but for everyone.  We will learn about living the Christian life and having good relationships.  Today Scott encourages us to be imitators of God in every area of life.  Jesus’ well is deep, so we can continually draw from his well.  It will never go dry.  The basis of the ability to parent is the love of God. Read more →

    Be Fruitful and Multiply

    Why are we here?  Why did God make us?  Why is life sacred? Pastor Jeff Pate shares with us today the sanctity of life and the importance of worship. Read more →

    Go Everywhere that Christ may be Known and Loved

    Pastor Scott concludes his series “Connect, Grow, and Go.” We all need to connect with God, Grow in Christ, and Go out to all the world.  We “Go” to make a difference in the world; to help someone else “connect” and “grow.”  If we want to know the power of God, we have to carry out His mission.  “Go” is the measure of an alive  church.  How can you add “Go” to your life? Read more →

    Grow as a Disciple of Jesus

    Pastor Scott continues his 3 part series. We exist to CONNECT with God, GROW as disciples and GO everywhere making Him known and loved. Today is part 2:  Grow as a Disciple of Jesus. After connecting with God, our next step is to grow as a Christian.  Obedience is the doorway to the presence of God.  But what does obedience look like?  What are we doing to “grow in Jesus?” Read more →

    Connect With God

    Pastor Scott starts a 3 part series today.  1) Connect 2) Grow 3) Go.  You have seen these 3 words on cards, on the bulletin, on the website.  Our Elders and pastors spent much time in prayer and study to come up with a theme for our church.  Listen in today for our first theme…Connecting with God should be the most important thing in our life.  How can we connect? Listen in and find out. Read more →

    Where Does My Help Come From?

    Pastor Scott closes out the year with a call to look at our goals for 2019.  How is your diet, exercise, and spiritual health been in 2018?  Are there changes you can make?  Are there new commitments to God that need to happen?  How is your Bible reading?  Does it need a little work?  Scott calls us to assess ourselves and ask God how he wants us to change and grow in 2019. Read more →

    The Greatest Gift Ever Given

    Caleb Mayfield preached for us today.  He is the associate pastor of First Baptist Church in San Bruno, California.  He and Claire were a part of our church for many years before God called them to California.  Caleb preaches today from Romans 3:19-26. Read more →

    When God Brings Good out of Evil

    Pastor Scott completes his series on Genesis with chapters 49 and 50.  At the end of Jacob’s life, he gives prophetic blessings to each of his sons.  Even though Joseph was the most Christ-like child of Jacob, God chose the line of Jesus to go through Judah.  If we don’t read the Bible, then we not see the story line of Genesis to Jesus.  The Bible is full of history and prophecy that show us God’s plan and show us His Son, Jesus.   There are golden nuggets all through the Bible to help us on our journey with our Christian walk, so be sure to include reading the Bible each day. Read more →

    The Promise of God to Bless All Nations

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapter 48.  Jacob is at the end of his life.  Hi identity in life has always been with God.  Of course, he made mistakes and bad choices, but he always came back to God.  What or who is your identity in?  Is it Christ?  Or is it something else?  Only our relationship with Christ matters.  Everything else is secondary. Read more →

    Go With God

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis using chapters 46-47.  Jacob & Joseph sought God’s will for their lives.  They worshiped God through offering sacrifices and through prayer.   Worshiping God is so important. God calls us to continue to do that today.  We do not have to offer sacrifices today because Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice on the cross, but we need to surrender to God daily.  God speaks to us through His Spirit…through His Word…through worship…..through prayer.  Are you listening to God today?  Are you seeking His will for your life today? Read more →

    The Restoration of a Lost Family Member

         Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapters 42-45.  We learned earlier that Joseph was hated by his brothers so much that they sold him into slavery.  He worked for Potiphar, was falsely accused of rape and sent to jail.  He kept his faith in God and became a leader in jail.  God gave him the ability to give the meaning of dreams.  When the Pharoah had a dream, Joseph interpreted it to be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of fasting.  Joseph was made second in command next to Pharaoh.  Today, pastor Scott continues the story of Joseph to show his faithfulness and reunion with his brothers.  Man can be evil but God can turn it into good.  God’s plan is THE best plan.  Are you listening for his plan in your life today? Read more →

    Counting Days

     In Psalm 90, Moses prays that God would “teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. We are only given a limited number of days on earth to fulfill the calling that God has placed on our lives. On this College Homecoming Sunday, Pastor Scott encourages us to pray the prayer of Moses and to see our current place in life as our mission field. We also hear from five guest speakers, WCU alumni, in five different vocations, who see their jobs as God’s calling on their lives. They encourage us to share the gospel, love well, pray for others, and walk in the spirit wherever we are.  Jeff Pate closes by encouraging all of us to connect and grow in our local church so that we can go and serve God wherever He calls us. Read more →

    The Call – A Life of Mission

    Charlie Christie from Ambassador Trust is our guest speaker this week as Sunday morning finished up our annual weekend missions conference. Christie spoke about how all Christians are commanded to disciple the nations in their going out, wherever that may be. He encouraged believers to surrender their lives to God and His call, explaining that wherever we are now is our mission field. Christie challenged us to fight against the natural enemies of God’s call: the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. We can employ strategies of spiritual disciplines and character that help us live a life of mission, all day, every day, everywhere, because the window of opportunity is closing. Read more →

    You are not Forgotten

         Pastor Scott continues his series in Genesis using chapters 40 and 41.  Joseph’s life was full of “happenstances.”  Or were they?  Many of them were meant for harm.   Through all of these “happenstances”  Joseph finds himself as the first in command to the Pharaoh of Egypt.  So, did all of these things in Joseph’s life just happen?  Were they just a coincidence?  Or was Joseph’s life the plan of God?  Find out in today’s sermon. Read more →

    Overcoming Temptation

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with Chapter 39.  Today’s sermon follows the story of Jacob’s son, Joseph.  He was thrown in a hole and then sold by his brothers to a traveling company.  He ended up serving in Potiphar’s home.  He refused the advances of Potiphar’s wife, but was sent to prison falsely accused.  He became a model prisoner and was put in charge of other prisoners.  We will see later in Genesis how Joseph’s desire to please God and do the right thing would bring him to serve as second in command beside the Pharaoh.  How are we doing today trying to please God?  How are doing today in choosing right over wrong?  Scott shares with us that we need to Know God, Know Right and Wrong, and Know Yourself to keep us from going down the wrong path to destruction. Read more →

    The Messy Road

         Pastor Scott continues his sermon series of Genesis with chapter 38. In this chapter, God takes us on a detour from the story of Joseph, and we are instead told the story of his brother Judah, whose family appears to be unlikely candidates in carrying out the plan of God. Their story seems to be an odd story, at first glance, until we realize that God’s detours are never without purpose. In this detour, we can see the sins and the conversion of Judah. The story of Judah, his daughter-in-law, Tamar, and their descendants shows us how God can use not only Josephs, but Judahs and Tamars for His glory! He is always redeeming and restoring, and we never know how He will use our lives for His good. Read more →

    Building a Better Bride

         Pastor Jeff Parker shares our sermon today on “Building a Better Bride” from 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. The body of Christ is also the bride of Christ and we all have a unique role to fulfill we build a better bride of Christ. We need to be a coalition: formed in unity and equality. We need to be a collaboration: recognizing our important and others’ importance. And finally, we need to be a construction, where everyone participates and everyone progresses. As we work together to build a better bride, we can all trust the Architect who has the blueprints of our future. Read more →

    Seventeen Years Old

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapter 37.  Jacob shows favoritism to his 11th son, Joseph, and prepares him to lead the family, although Joseph is not the oldest. Joseph also has dreams of one day being more powerful than his family, which he shares with his parents and brothers. This causes much tension among the brothers, who seize an opportunity to capture Joseph and sell him into slavery in Egypt. They fake Joseph’s death, presenting his blood-stained cloak to their father. Jacob is grieved beyond words, believing his favorite son is dead, and the brothers have to live with the guilt of their actions. This passage  points to our propensity to turn easily to sin, when it is to our benefit, and speaks to our need for a Savior. It also demonstrates God’s amazing sovereignty, as Joseph’s family had no idea what was in their future, but God did, and He sent Joseph ahead of them to protect and preserve their family line. We, also, can trust our lives to the mighty, sovereign God! Read more →

    Personal Renewal

         Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapter 35 and 36. God calls Jacob back to Bethel, where Jacob first encountered God, when he was fleeing from his home. God calls him and his household to turn back to God alone and to leave behind their idols and foreign gods. God once again reminds Jacob of His promise to Abraham and Abraham’s descendants. After Jacob meets with God as Bethel, he faces the difficulty of his wife’s death and the sin of his son Reuben. God wants each of us to experience personal renewal, so that when we sin or we face difficulties, we know that we can turn to Jesus! God’s desire for us is not that we just come to the house of God, but that we desire a personal relationship with the God who is in the house! Read more →


         Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapter 34.  The story centers around Dinah, the daughter of Jacob.  The sin is this story is like a stick of dynamite.  The dynamite is just waiting for fire to ignite it.  Sin is always there waiting, but we can avoid it if we just do not put the fire to it.  There is no mention of God in chapter 34.  If Jacob’s sons had decided to lift up the situation to God, it would have ended in a better way.  The primary message about the story is that we all have messy situations.   Jesus can redeem our messy situations.  We all need the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus will never let us down. (Definition:  Misogyny-discrimination based on sex-usually women) Read more →

    FAITH Riders Commissioning Ceremony

    FAITH Riders National Director Mike Stewart was our guest speaker today.  He led a challenge to us as a church to “go and tell and reach the lost.”  He encouraged us to reach out to anyone we come in contact with.  Our words can change a person’s life.  Our words can bring someone to salvation in Christ.  We are all sinners.  We have all fallen short. But, accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior can change all of that.   Let Christ send you today! Read more →

    The Discipleship Pathway: Connect. Grow. Go.

    Pastor Jeff Pate shares our sermon today on discipleship using Titus 2:1-8.  Discipleship doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is an intentional course set by Jesus. When we Connect, Grow, and Go we allow ourselves to be connected to Christ and the body while growing in Christ-likeness and maturity. Then, we will go to be his hands and feet here and to the ends of the earth as fully mature disciples. Read more →

    Wrestling with God

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapters 32-33.  Jacob tricked his brother Esau before, and now God is calling him to go back home.  Jacob is afraid for his life so he goes bearing gifts.  On the way, he stops to pray and ends up wrestling through the night with a man sent by God.  He asks for God’s blessing which he then receives. God then gives him a new name and a new life.  How often do you spend time praying for hours at a time or asking God for his blessing and guidance?  How often do you put God first in your life?  Today is a new day.  You can receive God’s son Jesus Christ today!  You can become a new person in Christ today!  You can be forgiven and have a clean slate today!  Do not wait till tomorrow what can be done today. Read more →

    Four Wives and Twelve Sons

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapters 29-31.  The foundation of the Bible if found in Genesis.  The rest of the Bible has all its beginnings from Genesis.  In these chapters, Jacob had 4 wives, which is 3 too many!  The Old Testament does not promote polygamy but exposes the weakness that comes with it.  We also find in these chapters a saga relating to Jacob and his choosing a wife.  Jacob was deceitful with his brother and father, and his sins have come back on him.  Sometimes our sins can affect our families for a long time.  God has a plan for each of us.  Have you been praying and listening and looking for God’s plan for your life? Read more →

    Stairway to Heaven

    Jacob was traveling to Haran when he lay his head on a stone and fell asleep.  During the night, he dreamed of a stairway to heaven with angels ascending and descending.  God spoke to him during his dream and told him that his descendants would be like the dust of the earth and peoples would be blessed through his offspring.  We wonder sometimes today.  Does God still speak to us?  Can we still dream dreams that are from God?  Can God give us guidance?  The answer is…YES!  We search for the blessings of God, but have we found the blessing of God Himself?  Are you searching for His voice?  Are you listening for his direction? Read more →

    Lentil Soup for Two

    Pastor Scott continues his series in Genesis with chapter 25:1-34.  We are half way through the book of Genesis.  We have been looking at the life of Abraham.    We meet two brothers living in the same womb at the same time who are so different and make wrong choices.  Esau’s choices led to giving up everything he had.  Jacob made mistakes but had a great desire to have the birthright and be blessed by his father to continue his father’s lineage.  Esau’s choices led to loss and devastation and Jacob’s choices led to being chosen by God to carry on the lineage to Jesus.  The Bible is an amazing historically accurate book that weaves the story of sin and redemption.  Who do you choose to be like?  Are you giving up?  Or are you choosing Jesus? Read more →

    The Search for Rebekah

    Pastor Scott continues his series on the book of Genesis.    All of the Canaanite women in the area did not have a relationship with God, and Abraham knew that God wanted a wife for Isaac who believed in the one true God.  So Abraham listens to God and sends his servant on a really long trip with a caravan to search for a wife for his son Isaac.  This trip provides the answer to prayer in Rebekah. Are you seeking a mate who loves the Lord?  Is God first in your life?  Are you walking with him from day today?  If not, today is the day!! Read more →

    Making Sense of Sodom and Gomorrah

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with Genesis 18:16-19:29.  The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were an evil people and did not love God.  God called out to them, but they did not turn from their wicked ways. God brought judgement on them.  The lesson we learn is to trust in God.  He comes near to us. He hears our cry.  He wants us to put our hope in Him and not in the world.  He wants us to trust in Jesus! Read more →

    A Well-Oiled Machine

    Pastor Scott shares our sermon today on Ephesians 4:1-16 as well as installing our new deacons and elders.  One of the symbols of the Holy Spirit is oil.  Oil keeps gears running smoothly.  our lives can use the oil of the Holy Spirit to help run the gears of our lives.  God prepares us with his gifts of the Holy Spirit to be part of a well-oiled church.  God calls us to walk with Him, praise Him, honor Him, and serve Him with humility.  There is only one hope, one Lord, one God, one faith, and one baptism in Jesus Christ our Lord. Read more →

    Abraham and Lot:The Choices They Made

    Pastor Scott Carter continues his series in Genesis with Chapters 13 & 14.  Abraham and Lot give us 2 different models to follow.  One follows the Lord to the land God chose and the other follows his own choice to live with a wicked people.  They both made mistakes along the way, but Abraham chose to keep going back to God.  Where are you today?  Are you walking with God or are you following your own desires?  Choose God today.  Walk with Him and let Him bless you and keep you. Read more →

    Great Commission Discipleship: It Might not be What you Think!

    Pastor Jeff Pate shares our sermon today.  In Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus gives us the greatest blueprint of His plan for the lives of His disciples: make more disciples! But within this blueprint is an often overlooked or misconstrued concept. We are to make disciples of all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit AND teach them to OBEY everything Jesus commanded us. We don’t simply teach biblical truth, we teach OBEDIENCE to that biblical truth. A true disciple is marked by his or her obedience in making mature disciples who apply 2Timothy 2:2 – to find reliable people to teach what we have been taught who can go and teach others. This is the great commission. Read more →

    Lessons from Father Abraham

    Pastor Scott Carter continues his series in Genesis with a special Father’s Day Message from Genesis Chapter 22.  We learn from this chapter that Abraham was human.  He made mistakes.  Sarah made mistakes.  Just as we all make mistakes.  We also learn that our Savior, the one who can forgive, restore, and heal…was from the line of Abraham and Sarah.  The primary reason we are here is to know God, to honor God, to delight in God, and to know and love Jesus Christ. Read more →

    Blessing All the Nations

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapter 12.  Abraham was one of the great people of all time.  You need to get to know Abraham.  You will be impressed with his faith but disappointed in some of his weaknesses.  When we look at human beings, even the greatest men are not qualified to be our savior…only Jesus Christ is able to save us from our sins.  Won’t you trust in Him today? Read more →

    Tyler Klipa Testimony

    We hear from Tyler Klipa, PE teacher and one of the football coaches for Smoky Mountain High School.  He is married to Heather Klipa, Women’s basketball coach for SMHS. Read more →

    Love Wins?

      Love Wins? John 14:15-26 Join us as we dive into a proper biblical approach to the controversial mantra of today’s generation. Since God is love, let us look at His take on how real love it truly defined! Read more →

    The Now and the Not Yet

    Pastor Jeff Pate shares our sermon today on the Lord’s prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13.  When we are saved, we don’t just skip to the end.  Our whole life is the unfolding of God’s truth.  We need to work out our faith with fear and trembling.  We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Salvation is the proof of citizenship to heaven.  Are you a citizen?  Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Read more →

    You Cannot Climb to Heaven

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapter 9:18-12:32.  Scott shares today that even though God started over with Noah, Noah was a sinner when he went onto the arc and he was a sinner when he came off of the arc.  He and his family did not come off the boat perfect.  Noah and his sons show us that we all sin.  We all fall short.  We all need Jesus as our savior.  So, tear down your tower of Babel today and let Jesus reign in your life. Read more →

    The Story of Noah

    David Youmans opens our service today with a call to ladies and mothers to follow Mary’s example of being Jesus’ mother and the life of purity she led.  Then Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapters 6-9.  God was grieved that he had created man in His image and yet they had become so evil.  Only one man did God find favor in.  That was Noah.  God saved Noah and His family because of their hearts for God.  Is sin that serious?  Does it really matter if we follow God’s will?  There is “no excuse” for sin, but there is a “remedy,” and that is Jesus Christ.  The historical account of Noah points the way to Jesus.  Let Jesus into your life today! Read more →

    Walk With God

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with chapters 5:1-6:8.  When we read the Bible, we should ask the questions, “Where is Jesus?  How does the Bible reveal salvation through Jesus?”  In this passage we cover a good bit of genealogy starting including Adam, Seth and Enoch.  Listen to pastor Scott as he reveals their importance, their walk with God, and what that means for us today. Read more →

    The Deadly Effects of Sin

    Pastor Scott Carter continue his series on Genesis with chapter 4:1-26.  Cain and Abel both gave an offering to the Lord.  It was not WHAT they offered but the condition of their heart WHEN they offered.  God accepted Abel’s offering but did not accept Cain’s offering.  We see the first time in the Bible where sin leads to destruction, the destruction of Cain’s brother’s life.  Sin, still today, can lead us down a path of destruction if we do not have Jesus as our Lord and Savior.   Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross.  Choose Him today!  Let Jesus give you the power fo the Holy Spirit today to overcome your desire to sin! Read more →

    The Worst of Times

    Pastor Scott continues with his series on the book of Genesis with chapter 3:1-24.  God had provided the perfect place for Adam and Eve, but they wanted more.  They wanted the fruit of knowledge from the middle of the garden.  God banned them from the garden of Eden and caused them to toil for their daily food.  A war began that day in the garden between Satan and God.  A rebellion began between man and God.  Guilt and shame began that day so long ago.  However, there is a way to go back to the garden and give up our guilt and shame.  Jesus died on the cross for our sins, for our guilt, for our shame.  He became the perfect sacrifice.  He is victorious over Satan.  Trust in Jesus today.  He is the door back into the garden, back to a right relationship with God. Read more →

    Guest Speaker: Randy Pizzino

    Randy’s message today is from Mark 1:1-13.  Randy and his wife, Julie, are long time friends with Pastor Scott.  They visited our church Sunday, April 15.  Randy works with Equipping Pastors International.  During Sunday School Randy shared about his ministry with pastors in Africa.  During our 11:00 service Randy preached on the first few verses in Mark. Read more →

    The Best of Times in the Garden of Eden

    Pastor Scott continues his series on Genesis with Genesis Chapter 2:1-25.  Genesis 2 is not primarily about us–but about God and our response to Him.  Genesis 2 is the picture of paradise.    We should want a relationship with the One who created it. When we step back and see God’s glory, it brings us to worship.  Our lives began with the breath of God, and He then breathes His Spirit into us as a second birht when we accept His Son Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  Are we willing to trust God with our lives? Read more →

    Messiah in the Passover

    Today, we celebrated the Jewish Passover Seder.  Please follow along as Pastor Jeff Parker shares the meaning of Passover and why it is important to remember it today.  Follow David Youmans, one of our elders, as he leads us through the Passover Seder while he actually serves the Passover to “his family.”  Next, hear Pastor Jeff Pate tie in Passover to Communion, the Lord’s Supper.  The Lord’s supper was born out of the Passover.   Christ is in all of the elements of the Passover. Read more →

    What Does Missions Mean to Us?

    Scott joins Tom Ford and Cesar and Nancy Brito to share about their trip to Nicaragua.  Scott finishes up the morning with a call for all of us…GO or SEND or DISOBEY.  God calls all of us to missions, either here or away.  If God is not calling us to go away, then we can support those who do.  What is God asking you to do today? Read more →

    Male and Female

    Pastor Scott Carter continues his series on Genesis with Genesis 1:27.  For thousands of years we have all been known as either male or female. Only 2 categories were needed.  As time has passed, new categories have been added.  Some companies have up to 60 identity choices on their applications.  God designed male and female to complete one another and to procreate the earth.  The truth of sexuality has become distorted today.  Pastor Scott shares the Bible’s view on sexuality.  The Bible DOES have answers for  our confusion today.   Our identity is found in Christ.  He is the abundant life. Read more →

    What’s Wrong with Worrying?

    Jeff Parker, our youth pastor, shares the sermon today on worrying using Matthew 6:24-34.   During his ‘sermon on the mount’, Jesus teaches us some important lessons in Matthew 6 about the danger and sin of worrying.  Join us as we learn to be singularly focused on His Kingdom and leave our worries behind forever. Read more →

    Imago Dei

    Pastor Scott continues with his series on Genesis using Genesis 1:26-28.  To be human is to ponder the meaning of your existence.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  Does my life have significance and purpose?  Do I have value?  Is life temporal or eternal?  We have to make a choice as to what we believe.   Am I the ape of evolution?  OR   Am I the apex of God’s creation?   Scott answers these questions in his sermon today. Read more →

    Altar of God

    Pastor Jeff Pate shares our sermon today on the altar of God using Romans 12 and other scriptures.  How can we be a living sacrifice?  The altar of God in our lives is not just a place of surrender.  It isn’t simply a place of “trying harder.”  It is a place of death.  We are buried with Christ and raised to new life in Him.  We must visit the altar of God often to put to death anything that is not  pleasing to Him.  This is our reasonable act of worship.  Am I willing to humble myself and obey that call or do I treat the altar of God like a place of bargain making and half-hearted sacrifices? Read more →

    How the Universe Began

    Pastor Scott Carter is teaching a series on Genesis.  Over the next couple of months, we will learn about creation, the Garden of Eden, the fall, Cain and Abel, Noah and the flood, the Tower of Babel, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Ishmael,  Jacob & Esau, Rachel & Leah,  Joseph and his brothers…Follow along as we study the book of beginnings.  The Bible tells us that God is capable of all of the events described in Genesis.  He is the creator.  Genesis is real history with real evidence and real science to back it up? Check out this video on creation: Read more →

    Genesis: An Overview

    Pastor Scott Carter begins a new series on the book of Genesis.  The Old Testament gives important history to understand the New Testament.  It also points the way to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Learn about the creation of the world, the garden of eden, the tower of babel, the flood, our early patriarchs and much much more. Read more →