Adult Sunday School

Church Life:  Pastor Scott’s Office
Pastor Scott will teach a 4 week Church Life Class.  Interested in the beliefs of WBC?  Thinking of joining WBC?  This class meets in Pastor Scott’s office in the Chapel Building.  This class is taught once a semester in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Prayer Class:  Room 2 in the Chapel Building
Dolphus & Elaine Brown lead this prayer class during the Sunday School hour in room 2 in the Chapel Building.  Anyone is welcome to come and pray for our church, community, and nation.

The Joy Class:  Fellowship Hall
 This class is led by Scott Barlowe and is geared toward older adults and is located in the Fellowship Hall.  They use a quarterly curriculum from Lifeway called “Bible Studies for Life.”

Chaos or Cosmos:  Room 1 in the Chapel Building

Join Mel Livernois as he uses the curriculum “Chaos or Cosmos”  that answers the question:  was the universe designed or is it a product of random chance?  Learn about how the Bible tells us that we were created on purpose and not just an accident.

The Book of Isaiah:  Downstairs in the Chapel Building
We continue with the study of Isaiah.  Chapter 58 of Isaiah addresses the real intent of a fast of the Lord.  This chapter looks closely at the heart of fellowship with God and fellow man, with a heart of love and compassion as well as love and forgiveness. 

Young Adults:  Parsonage house – second to the left of the church
Micah & Devan Carter lead our Young Adults class.    They are studying the 5 Purposes of the Christian Life.  Come and be a part of a growing group of young adults who want to dig deeper into the Word of God.  This is a great way to support and encourage others in the same walk of life.

The College Class:  Room 3 in the Chapel Building
with Jonathan & Jodie Wade will lead a Bible study of the Life and Teachings of Jesus.  Bring your Bible and a willingness to find every day practical application. This is a great way to get to know other college students on a deeper level and develop a one on one relationship with members of the church.

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